Website Maintenance

We can take the hassle out of keeping your site up-to-date with our monthly Maintenance service.

Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance services
The web is littered with websites that are set-up and then neglected because the site owner just doesn’t have the time to maintain it. The result is a website which has plummeted in the search engine rankings due to it’s out-of-date content and SPAM-laden pages resulting from lack of protection from new internet security exploits.

For a small monthly fee of £15 we will work to maintain your website on your behalf, performing various tasks to ensure it is kept fresh and up to date, as well as secure against the latest online threats.

Our monthly maintenance package includes:

  • On-demand content updates: 2 hours worth of site content updates on your behalf. Content can mean a page, a news item, or new links. Simply email the content you want adding to us and we update it within 24 hours.
  • Disaster Recovery: Regular backups taken of your website, and a complete timely restore undertaken by us should something untoward happen.

Need more maintenance?

No problem! If you are in danger of exceeding your 2 hour quota in a given month we shall inform you by email that any additional hours will be charged extra for – the charge for additional Maintenance hours should you need them is £12 per hour (£3 less than our ‘Standard hourly charge’, so our monthly maintenance customers really do get the best deal!)

We can also offer a bespoke maintenance service for sites that haven’t been designed by us. Please use our Contact Form for maintenance enquiries.

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