Web Design Quality Control

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and want to make sure every website we design not only meets our clients expectations but exceeds them into the bargain. Part and parcel of this is ensuring the websites we produce adhere to high technical and design standards. As such, before launching a client’s website we always put it through our in-house ‘Go-Live Checklist’ first. Below are some of the items on this checklist that your new website will be put-through before going live:

  • Basic SEO

    We ensure your site has ‘meta tags’ in place including Titles and Descriptions, and that your images have descriptive ‘Alt’ tags; all of which helps Search Engines index your site more easily. We also ensure that the page URL’s are descriptive, so rather than having an ugly URL such as www.yoursite.com?pid=3 you would have www.yoursite.com/our-products, which is not only much nicer for the user but also helps search engines index these pages of your site.

  • No plain text email addresses

    We install a special plugin which scrambles or ‘obfuscates’ any email address in the code of your site, so SPAM Bots will have a harder time picking them up and bombarding you with junk mail.

  • Anti-hacking measures

    We install the Bulletproof Security firewall plugin for your WordPress site to provide protection against any hacking attempts that may be made on your site. This extra layer of protection provides additional security and peace of mind.

  • Spellchecked

    Few things can compromise the integrity of your site more than poor spelling, hence why we install the Tiny MCE Spellcheck Plugin which highlights any spelling mistakes so they can be corrected before your pages are published.

  • Cross-browser consistency

    We check that your website displays correctly and looks good in the following major web browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera; thus ensuring that your site remains usable regardless of the browser it is viewed in.

  • Mobile ready

    We’re sure you’ve noticed, but when viewed on a mobile device, a lot of sites break or just become horrible to navigate. We optimise your site to look good and remain user-friendly when displayed on Smartphones and Tablets – and where necessary, implementing ‘alternate mobile coding’ to ensure that everything looks and feels professional to anyone browsing your site from a mobile device.

  • Optimising images for size

    Overly large image files can slowdown your site and cost mobile users money in extra internet data consumption. We ensure your site is as user-friendly as possible by compressing your images and graphics before launch.

  • Your site’s Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

    We can provide you with a stock Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for your website which you are free to amend to suit your particular needs. Having a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on your website looks professional and protects you by spelling out the limits to your liability and your policy on misuse.

  • EU Cookie Law Compliancy

    As per recent legislation, all websites operating in the EU must gain the user’s consent before using cookies. We ensure that your site is EU Cookie Law compliant by installing a non-intrusive notification bar informing the user about your website’s privacy policy and seeking their consent before utilising cookies. Once the user clicks ‘I agree’ the bar disappears again – simple!

  • Adherence to Recommended Design Practices

    We ensure that your site meets with recommended design practices by ensuring it does not use Framesets, deprecated HTML tags, nested HTML Tables or Flash (unless specifically requested by the client). That might well be gobbledegook to you, but it all helps to make sure your website stands out from the rest and gives it a better chance of achieving favourable placement in Search Engine results!

Extra SEO & Speed Boost – £45

For those looking to take their website to the next level we offer an additional SEO & Speed Boost service. This is a one-shot service for a one time fee and involves us performing a few additional tasks on your website before it is launched to make sure it is Search Engine friendly and performing as fast as possible for your users.

This service involves us performing the following tasks:

Setting up a Dynamic Sitemap for Google and Bing

The humble Sitemap is a document containing a list of all the links on your site – it is not usually displayed to people browsing your website, but is a special document that Google searches for to help it index your website’s content fully and accurately. Think of it as a way of ‘telling’ Google what pages are on your website and what you would like it to show in it’s search results. Traditionally a new sitemap needs to be created and re-submitted to Google whenever a new page is added to your site – however, we will set up a Dynamic Sitemap for you so that your sitemap is always updated with the latest links on your website and automatically re-submitted to Google and Bing whenever your page hierarchy changes.

Installing a Cache Plugin to speed up your site

Even though many people now have access to fast broadband, website loading speeds are still an issue as a lot of people may be accessing your site on a mobile device with a slower connection and limited data allowance. A cache plugin helps speed up your site by ‘remembering’ copies of your pages so that a full query to the server is not required everytime someone clicks to view a page on your site. This can drastically improve the load speed of your pages and provide a better end-user experience to the people who visit your site.

Configuring GZIP compression to speed up your site further

Gzip compression is a further measure that can be taken to ensure optimal loading speeds for the pages on your web site. Gzip compression works by compressing the web pages before sending them to the user’s browser, resulting in faster page loading times. Please note: Gzip compression is configured on the server where your website is hosted – so keep in mind that if you are not using us to host your website then it will be dependent on your hosting provider as to whether or not we will be able to successfully configure GZIP Compression for you.

Setting up and integrating Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that tracks how many visits your site is getting and where your visitors are coming from. The Analytics dashboard provides in-depth information on your website’s performance in Google’s search results, as well as the behaviour of people who visit your site; answering questions such as, “What are people looking at?”, “How long are they spending on my site?”, “What are the last pages they look at before leaving my site?”. We will set-up an Analytics account and integrate it with your website, then give you the login details so you can login any time you like and monitor your site’s performance. If, later on, you ever decide to go down the route of a serious SEO campaign, your accumulated Analytics data will be an invaluable source of information for you and your SEO consultant.

Q: Is the SEO / Speed Boost service essential?

Not at all. These are just extra tasks that can further improve your website’s standing in search results and optimise page loading times for your users.

Why you might want to use this service:

  • If you want to make your website more Search Engine Friendly, and thus more likely to be found and indexed in Google search results
  • If you want to make sure your web pages load as quickly as possible for your end-user and for search engines looking to index your content

Q: Is the SEO / Speed Boost service a full SEO service?

No this is not a replacement for a specialist SEO service, although the tasks we perform are done with the aim of improving your SEO and are the kind of things an SEO consultant would advise you to have done before embarking on any serious SEO campaign.