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General (6)

Do you offer discounts for charities and not-for-profit organisations?

Yes we do. If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation we are able to offer you our web design service at a reduced rate. Please see this page for more information.

Are you fully insured to design websites?

Yes, for us and our clients’ protection, we hold both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance which covers all of our web design work.

Will I have admin access to my WordPress site?

Yes, we will give you the login details for an admin account so you are free to log in to your site and make alterations as you see fit.

How much will a website cost me?

Check our Services & Prices page for our full pricing structure.

We quote for each site on an individual basis, based on the complexity of your project and which services you require. By using WordPress we are able to keep costs to a minimum, meaning that a professional website need not cost you the earth.

What experience / expertise do you have?

We have over 10 years experience building and maintaining websites, including experience using the web scripting language, PHP, to build custom web applications. A project we are particularly proud to have been involved with is the Local Exchange Trading System software, which continues to be widely adopted by LETS groups around the globe.

In the last few years WordPress has caught our attention with its reputable system for quickly and easily setting up a secure website with advanced functionality – something we previously had to spend many long hours (and nights) coding from the ground up. Clever Monkey Web has since decided to specialise in the development of WordPress sites, since they are both time and cost-efficient and the end result is every bit as stable and professional as anything we could hand-code from scratch. We can then pass these savings onto you.

You may be interested in reading this page to find out more about our ethos and work practices.

How do you take payment for your services?

Payment can be taken by PayPal (our registered PayPal address is sales@nullclevermonkeyweb.com) or Instant Bank Transfer. If you wish to make alternative arrangements for payment, such as cheque, please ask.

Our Design Services (14)

Will my website be compliant with the EU “Cookie law”?

As of 2011 UK websites are required by law to comply with the EU “Cookie Law”. If applicable to your website we will ensure full compliance by implementing an ‘implied consent’ system, which typically takes the form of a pop-up box notifying the user that your website uses cookies.

Can I not just download and install WordPress myself?

Yes, WordPress is open source software that anyone is free to download and use.

Clever Monkey Web specialises in creating great looking, high performance WordPress sites, so getting us to develop your WordPress website has many advantages, including:

  • A guarantee that the system will be installed, secured and optimized correctly, due to our experience installing WordPress on servers, configuring the technical back-end, and troubleshooting a host of common difficulties that can crop-up at this stage in the process.

  • Any unforeseen issues that may emerge either during the initial installation or with the ongoing maintenance of the site will be troubleshooted promptly and efficiently, thus potentially saving you hours of frustration and wasted man hours

  • Our robust knowledge of existing WordPress Plugins means we already know which Plugins are best for achieving specific functionality, as well as which ones are most reliable and secure

  • Our intricate knowledge of the theming system used by WordPress, combined with a wealth of design experience, enables us to customize the look and feel of the website to your bespoke requirements – so the end result won’t look like ‘just another wordpress site’

Could I not just use a ‘DIY’ software to build my own website?

There are tools around that automate the process of building complex websites, providing a ‘DIY’ option. The full range of options these provide are difficult for most users to get to grips with and often very limited in the scope they offer for customisation, leaving the end result looking and feeling far from bespoke. Just by choosing a couple of similar options a business site may find itself looking virtually identical to one of it’s competitors. Also, an automated tool can never replace the technical expertise and peace of mind of using an experienced web designer.

Why not get my friend/nephew/brother-in-law to build me a website for free?

A lot of people will have a friend or family member who can offer to set them up a basic / non-professional website for free. This is an extremely risky strategy for an individual needing a website and often completely unacceptable to a business as there is no guarantee with a ‘favour’ that the website will be of sufficient quality or even be finished at all. Unless the person designing the site is a professional and has a robust knowledge of web design the site can often look amateurish and be left vulnerable to security attacks, such as spam and unauthorised access to data.

Who owns the website when it’s finished, me or you?

When we receive your final payment:

  • You own the graphics and other visual elements that we create for you.
  • You also own any text content that you paid us to write on your behalf, as well as text content, photographs and other data you provide, unless someone else owns them.
  • Ownership of the WordPress Content Management System and any additional Plugins used remains that of the respective owners.
  • We withhold ownership of any custom code we may have added to your website, including HTML markup and CSS styling, and we license it to you indefinitely for use on only this project.

Can you design me a logo or do I need to supply my own?

If you already have a logo, great, we can use that on your site. Otherwise we are happy to help design you a logo if you need one. This service may cost extra and will be taken into consideration when quoting for your website.

What copy/content are you prepared to write on my behalf?

If you do not have any copy already written for your website we are happy to help. This service may cost extra and will be taken into consideration when quoting for your website.

How long will it take you to get my site live?

This depends upon a number of factors including our present workload, the complexity of the project you ask us to undertake, whether or not we’re writing copy or sourcing images for you, and so forth. When you commission us we will agree an approximate deadline together. We can often turn around a site in one week (subject to you supplying the content).

Do I have to supply my own content?

The more content (text and images) you can supply the better. We can write content and source stock images on your behalf but this may cost extra and so will need to be discussed beforehand.

Why do you only use WordPress?

WordPress is low cost, secure, and has plenty of scope for creating a bespoke site that fits your specific requirements. This means that you can have a professional website for a fraction of the usual cost.

What Plugins will my basic WordPress website come with?

There are a number of Plugins that we will automatically install at no extra cost with every new website as we consider them to be important in keeping your site secure and functional. These basic plugins include Bullet-Proof Security, to protect your website from hackers, All In One SEO Pack, which may help improve your website’s search engine rankings, and Obfuscate Email, which obscures your email address to SPAM bots and reduces the risk of receiving SPAM emails through your website.

What happens between first contacting you and my finished site going live?

When you commission us to develop your website the usual sequence of events will progress as follows:

  • You contact us requesting a quotation – we will request further information from you regarding the project should we require it

  • We send you an initial quotation

  • If you are satisfied with the quotation we will then draw up a Briefing Document outlining the specifics of the work to be undertaken, and the price, which we will then send to you – along with a copy of our standard contract – to sign and return to us together with 50% of the fee in advance, for which we shall send you a receipt

  • If you require web hosting we shall ask you for your chosen Domain Name and send you a separate invoice for this. If instead you decide to source your web hosting elsewhere, or if you have an existing hosting account, we shall require access to your webspace (including FTP details) at this point
  • We begin the design process, throughout which we will maintain contact with you to ensure that the end result accurately meets your bespoke requirements

  • When we have finished we shall send you a link for you to explore your new website and ensure that it meets your requirements as outlined in the briefing document. (At this point your website is not yet live)

  • Should you decide your website needs any revisions at this point then we shall take care of these for you
  • When you are satisfied with your new site we shall send you a Go Live document for you to sign, stating that you are happy with the work that has been completed, and return with the remaining 50% of the agreed fee

  • Upon receipt of the remainder of payment we shall send you a receipt and hit the switch to make your website live!

  • Should you have any further questions, or if an issue emerges after your website has gone live, we are happy to provide follow-up email support. We also recommend that you take advantage of our monthly maintenance package to ensure your website is kept fresh and up-to-date.

Will my site display ok across different browsers? (Cross-browser compatibility)

We will test that your website displays and functions to a satisfactory standard on current versions of the major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari for Macs, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

We will not test your website in old or abandoned browsers unless otherwise specified.

Will my website work ok on mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and iPads?

With widespread adoption of mobile devices, we recognise the importance of your site working correctly across a range of platforms, including smartphones, tablets and iPads. We will test that your website displays and functions to a satisfactory standard on current versions of the most commonly used mobile web browsers, including the stock Android browser and the stock browser for iPads and iPhones.

Our Hosting Service (4)

Will I have a login to my hosting account?

Yes, you will be given control panel access for your web hosting from which you will be able to adjust numerous settings related to the server your site is hosted on. You will also be given separate FTP details should you wish to transfer files to and from your website.

Will you register my domain name in your name or mine?

If you ask us to register a domain name for you we will do so in your name, for your protection. This we feel is an ethical approach on our part as it ensures against any potential future disputes occurring regarding who is the true owner of your domain. You will then always have complete control over what you do with your domain name.

Will I have email accounts?

If you purchase your hosting from us you will be granted unlimited email addresses associated with your domain name (e.g. sales@nullmyshop.co.uk). We will happily set up and configure up to 10 email addresses on your behalf and send you the relevant information to start sending and receiving mail from these accounts.

If you source your hosting from elsewhere then this will be dependent upon your hosting provider, although most hosting services provide at least one email address, which we will happily set up on your behalf.

What are the technical specifications of your hosting service?

The web hosting service we offer provides the following features:

  • Linux-based server

  • 24/7 FTP Access

  • Unlimited Webspace

  • Unlimited Bandwidth / Data Transfer Allowance

  • Unlimited Email Addresses

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases

  • Unlimited Subdomains

  • Control Panel access (login details supplied to client) featuring:

    • Webmail interface

    • File Manager

    • Mailing List Manager

    • Email Auto-Responders

    • Website Access Statistics

    • CGI/PHP Version control

    • PHPMyAdmin

    • And more…