Making a site look good on all screens, devices and browsers

As a web designer, making sure the website I am designing looks good across a range of browsers, screen sizes and device types is one of the major challenges of my work. Screen size variations 12 years ago when I … Continue reading

Viewing a website: the technical process

I often find myself explaining the fundamental process of ‘how the internet works’ to clients. This is usually because either they have asked for more information about web hosting and what it is, or I have been attempting to troubleshoot … Continue reading

Reasons for choosing WordPress

Here at Clever Monkey Web we specialise in building websites using WordPress, a popular open-source content management system (CMS). A lot of people may have heard of WordPress but may not necessarily have an understanding of what it is or … Continue reading

How having a website can save you £100’s a year

While for starters there’s no such thing as a free website, as setting up and running a site requires a large amount of time or money, or more often a balance of both, once your site is live it can do a lot for your business for very little extra cost. Continue reading

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Password Security – What makes for a Secure Password?

Passwords are everywhere. Off the top of my head I have a password for my WiFi connection, my email accounts, PayPal, social networking websites, online banking, online shopping accounts… and that’s just the tip of my particular iceberg. As our … Continue reading

5 ways to market your business offline on a small budget

Marketing online is growing faster by the day, for good reason – it can be easier to reach people, cost less and be more effective for your time, however this doesn’t mean that your business can afford to ignore marketing … Continue reading

The importance of applying regular WordPress updates

The purpose of this post is to answer a question I am often asked by clients in relation to our monthly maintenance service: “Why is it so important to keep the WordPress software that is running my website up-to-date?” The … Continue reading

Juggling for professionals: 10 top apps and sites to help organise your business

I’m old fashioned, I still like to carry a notebook around and scribble ideas wherever I am but here’s a few apps and sites I can’t do without; Continue reading

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3 New Websites launched!

We are proud to announce the successful launch of several new client websites – Sapphire’s Sparkles, Scrumpy Pumpkins, and I Spy CCTV. We thoroughly enjoyed working on these web design projects and would like to wish our clients lots of … Continue reading

Claire and Bella’s Gift Box launched!

We are proud to announce the launch of Claire and Bellas Gift Box on behalf of our client. This site features full ecommerce functionality including a searchable product catalogue, shopping cart and integrated checkout with PayPal… … Continue reading